Will You Do It?

Will You Do It? Make a Senior's Christmas Special
June - December 2013
Goal is 5000 Cards

Will You Do It?

Join us in making, writing personal messages in, and signing 5000 Christmas cards to be delivered with meals on Christmas day by Meals on Wheels volunteers.



June – November:            Cards are made and messages are written in them

November 22:                   Cards due to the CLAS office (extended the Nov. 8th deadline)

November 10-30:             Cards are reviewed, sorted, and bundled for delivery

December 2-6:                 Cards are delivered to the Meals on Wheels sites

December 25, 2013:          Cards given to homebound seniors with a Christmas meal



Christmas Card Guidelines

Please observe the following guidelines to ensure a quick reviewing process:

*  Ensure that all cards have a personal message and are signed.  If you are unable to write a message, please bundle separately from the cards that do have written messages in them so that we can write a message for you.

*  You are welcome to write a paragraph about yourself or your organization, print it onto a sticker and place it on the back of the card.

*  Use first name only and refrain from including any identifying; information such as last name, address, phone number, email., etc.  This program is not meant to foster pen-pal relationships.

*  Do not include any inserts of any kind, including photos: these items will be removed during the reviewing process.

*  Please refrain from using glitter or using loose glitter confetti as it can aggravate health issues of older adults.

*  Please do not put cards in envelopes.

*  Please bundle cards in stacks of 25.